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Spicy Saturday: Asafoetida


Asafoetida is a milky resin-like substance that comes from a taproot of a plant called Ferula. It is primarily used in Indian cooking. Asafoetida smells like garlic meets rotten eggs. It is also called stinking gum or devil’s dung. But when you cook asafoetida it will become aromatic and flavorful and give depth to the dish. It is known to originate in Iran or Afganistan. Now it is mainly cultivated and used in India and Pakistan.

In Indian Cuisine, asafoetida is used to flavor fish, curries, lentil dishes, spice mixture, soups, sauces, and chaat masala. Asafoetida mostly comes in a powder form.

Asafoetida is used to cure stomach pain or indigestion.

The storage of asafoetida can be in a cold dry place and it lasts for years.

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