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It's All About Spices

by Supriya Nabar

What do you look for when you buy a spice? Most people know what they want when they go to buya good wine or fine chocolates, but people rarely spend little or no time over a spice. In my opinion, spices have the power to elevate a dish to it's subliminal level or have the power to completely ruin the dish.

  1. Look in your pantry and see what spices you would like to have in your repertoire.

  2. Buy spices in small quantities. When judging quality look for the color of the spice. If you see uniform color that is good. If you see different shades that means the spice is dull and old. You should definitely avoid buying those spices. Spices should have intense smell and vibrancy which should be evident.

  3. Next step is to taste the spice. having said that not all spices taste good on their own. Know what kind of spices you like and want to buy and keep in your pantry.

  4. Choose 3 to 4 spices. Bring them home and smell them. The more intense the smell the better it will be.

  5. Spice when cooked in a dish will impart an aroma and flavor to the dish.

6. The easiest way to experiment with a spice is to sprinkle it on popcorn or use it your coffee or tea.

7. Again my suggestion would be to experiment with one or two spices.

Find out which spices you like the most. It is worth to take the road of spice when life

can be better with spices than without.

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