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Reinventing Food and Spices

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Food , Spices and Healing will be a Blog where i will be talking about food, spices and the healing benefits of both food and spices. Why did I learn how to cook? Necessity is the Mother of Invention. And so my journey began in this vast universe of Food , Spices and Healing.

I started as a nervous cook but soon realized that Cooking was like chemistry. With my science background I realized that it could also be a lot of fun. When you mix different ingredients and apply heat or not you can literally create magic.

Let me tell you that I am no magician but a humble human being who takes delight in bringing joy to people.

My goal with this Blog will be to bring to you every week something which you haven't perhaps thought off before. Both Food and Spices can bring amazing benefits in your life and suffuse you with unlimited energy.

My desire is to make people healthy and happy and enjoy whatever they are planning to enjoy.If you ask me it all becomes better with Food and Spices.

So come and join us on this incredible journey and in the process let's have some fun.

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