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Spicy Saturday: Star Anise

Star Anise

Star Anise is the seed pod from the fruit of the Illicium Verum plant. It is a dark mahogany colored 8-pointed star-shaped fruit and each tip of the

star has a bead-like seed. Both the seeds and the pods are used in

Indian cooking. It has a pungent licorice-like aroma. The taste is similar

to fennel seeds, clove, and anise seed. Star anise can be found whole or

ground. It loses its flavor in ground form. When whole or ground it

should exude a fragrant aroma. Toasting heightens the flavor. Star

anise is used in savory meat dishes in Indian Cuisine.

Star anise is rich in antioxidants -Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It improves

digestion, reduces bloating, gas, indigestion, and constipation. It

contains shikimic acid and is used as a treatment for influenza, treats

coughs and flu-like symptoms.

Star Anise can be stored in an airtight container in a pantry.

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