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Spicy Saturday: Cumin

Cumin seeds are small, khaki brown ridged, elongated, curved dried fruit of the parsley family.

Two types of cumin seeds are found; greenish-brown and blackish brown. Cumin seeds have a strong, musky, spicy aroma and a bitter taste. Cumin seeds are rich in thymol, which can be a powerful antiseptic. Cumin seeds aid in digestion and relieve stomach ailments such as morning sickness and diarrhea. Cumin Seeds are also ground into a powder form. Both cumin seeds and cumin powder are used in Indian Cuisine. Cumin may help in Diabetes, lowers cholesterol, and aids in digestion.

Whole cumin seeds and powder can be stored in the pantry for 3 years. Ground cumin lasts for almost a year. Cumin seeds are widely available in supermarkets.

Cumin is very freely used in Indian cuisine in Lentil soups, meat stews, chicken dishes. Cumin powder has a spicy taste. It is one of the main ingredients in garam masala and curry powder.

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