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Spicy Saturday: Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds come from the plant Carum Carvi. It is a member of the

carrot family. They are highly aromatic and resemble cumin seeds.

Caraway seeds can be substituted for cumin seeds. They are long and

have pale ridges and are crescent-shaped. It is also called Shahi Jeera.

Caraway seeds contain 3% to 7% essential oil. It has an anise-like flavor

and adds a subtle licorice-like hint to the dishes. Caraway seeds help in

digestion after a heavy meal. It has been used in colic pain and helps to

settle a queasy stomach. Caraway seeds are widely used in Indian

Cuisine. Caraway seeds are chewed to freshen the breath.

Caraway seeds are added after the cooking is done since if cooked for a

long time it will turn bitter. They should be added after the cooking is

over. The Caraway seeds have a warm aroma and a flavor similar to

aniseed and fennel. It is an important ingredient in garam masala.

In Indian cuisine, Caraway seeds are used mostly in savory dishes.

Caraway seeds can be stored in an airtight container and away from


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