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Exotic Ingredients : Paneer Cheese


Panner cheese is a type of cheese which is a star ingredient in the northern parts of India. It is a cheese made with whole milk, some lemon juice or vinegar (I usually use white vinegar) and a little amount of salt. It has a very mild flavor and soaks up the sauce to create a very elegant dish. Paneer is a favorite of vegetarians in India since it has high amount of protein and calcium. Paneer can be made at home or can be bought in the store. The common recipes in Indian cuisine using paneer are palak panner (spinach with paneer), paneer makhani (paneer with butter and tomato sauce) or paneer tikka (paneer marinated in tandoori spices and then grilled). Being rich in protein and calcium it can be used in weight loss. Paneer can be made at home or could be store bought. It can be stored in the freezer section for 3 to 6 months.

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