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Exotic Ingredients: Chickpeas

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans are a type of legume Chickpeas have a round shape and light brown color. They have buttery, nutty flavor and are commonly used in India especially in the northern India. Chickpea or Chana masala is the most popular dish made with chickpeas.

Chickpeas have a low glycemic index. Chickpeas can reduce blood sugar. Chickpeas are high in fiber and It helps in digestion. It can lower cholesterol. It also helps to lower cancer risk. Chickpeas are high in calcium and magnesium.

Chickpeas are grown and consumed all over the world. Chickpea allergy can be seen in rare cases. Chickpeas are available in both dry and canned form. Dried chickpeas can be stored in the pantry or cabinet. Canned chickpea cans can be stored in the pantry until the expiry date.

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