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Spicy Saturday: Coriander Seeds and Cilantro leaves

Coriander seeds are the dried seeds of the Coriandrum sativum plant which belongs to the parsley family.

Cilantro leaves are leaves of the same plant. Fresh Cilantro leaves have a hint of lemon, pepper, and mint. The flavor is lost when you cook it. Cilantro leaves are used as a garnish for dishes or in chutneys to be served with appetizers. Wash cilantro leaves well and uses both stems and leaves. Cilantro leaves do not store well. Use them within 2 days since the leaves will wilt quickly. Don’t wash the leaves until ready to use. Cilantro is called Coriander leaves in other parts of the world. Cilantro leaves are used in savory vegetarian and meat or fish dishes.

Coriander seeds are round and light brown with a husk on it. Coriander seeds can be stored in a pantry in a cool dry place. The coriander seeds can be dry roasted in a pan to bring out the nutty flavor and aroma with a hint of pepper and lemon. It is mostly used in Indian Cuisine in savory dishes. Coriander seed is a major ingredient in garam masala.

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